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Unlock your digital innovation potential with our digital innovation academy. We empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the fast-paced digital world.
Our academy is designed to equip you with the skills, tools, 
and mindset necessary to succeed in the digital age.

A powerful combination

Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation

Embracing Digital transformation requires adopting cultural, organizational, and operational changes, needed for an organization to remain competitive and sustainable.

Digital technologies, processes, and competencies are at the center of all organizations’ concerns and strategies but need continuous adaptations considering the fast & ever-changing, and growing environments: from customer expectations to market conditions and local or global events.

At Digital Innovation Partner, we believe that Digital Innovation is essential to succeed a digital transformation, allowing for agile and fast decision-making on continuously growing demands and market changes.

Digital Innovation Partner, a specialized cell of Swiss Digital Network, can guide you through this powerful combination” 

Digital Transformation to build, deliver and maintain the right infrastructure, technologies and culture

Digital Innovation to take quick decisions and agile actions to stay at the forefront of your market

With our Digital Innovation Academy, and thanks to tailor-made training, you will upskill your teams in key capabilities to succeed your digital challenges.

Who we are

We unlock your digital innovation potentials by conducting R&D projects that are tailored to your needs and business

At Digital Innovation Partner, our teams of engineers, consultants, researchers, and academic professors, bring all complementary skills and expertise needed to start, accelerate and succeed your digital transformation and innovation journey.

Untitled (300 × 300px) Digital Innovation Academy

We upskill your teams in essential and rare capabilities like MLOps, Site-reliability Engineering, ML for DevOps, ML for Life Science

Untitled (150 × 150px) (300 × 300px) (4) Innovation Consulting & Advisory

We help you shape and implement a customer-centric and cost-effective Digital Innovation Strategy

Untitled (150 × 150px) (300 × 300px) (1) Digital Innovation Engineering Factory

We unlock your digital innovation potentials

As specialized innovation consulting cell and together with Swiss Digital Network, we democratize digital transformation by providing you with the essential digital transformation capabilities.

What we stand for

At Digital Innovation Partner, we advocate the democratization of digital innovation and support your organisation in its innovation journey.

We believe in the power of knowledge in digital technologies to bring your teams to the next level and your business forward.

We trust in Research to inspire you for the next digital innovation challenges.

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