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Effective SRE


This course will take you through all aspects of modern Site Reliability Engineering.
These principles and practices of effective SRE go from simple deployment to Continuous Delivery & Verification with Observability based SLO Engineering and Operations Efficiency.

Benefits: Learn how to effectively apply SRE hard and soft skills in your work and architecture.
Target Audience: Software engineers, DevOps engineers, System engineers, ML Architects…
Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge in biology and physiology, clinical analysis, medical research

The Program

Module 1: SRE fundamentals

  • Effective SRE: Principles & Challenges Digital Highway Blueprint
  • DevOps Culture
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Native Apps : Containers and microservices


Key learnings

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery, SLO Engineering & Operations Efficiency
  • Foster continuous learning

Module 3: Operations Efficiency

  • Operations Efficiency: Automation and Emergency Response
  • Efficiency and Performance Tracking
  • All about Dashboards
  • Introduction to Error Budgetin

Key learnings

  • Effective Dashboards for optimal Operations
  • Set alerts to ensure Reliability
  • Formulation of Error Budgets and Error Budget Alerting

Module 2: SLOs, SLIs & monitoring

  • Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Indicators (SLIs)
  • Monitoring: Past to Future
  • Observability Monitoring and Automation

Key learnings

  • Specify meaningful SLOs
  • Find your SLIs to fit your SLOs
  • Get hands-on experience SLI/SLO

Module 4: AIOps

  • Introduction to AI Ops
  • Microservices APM real-time AI-driven alerts
  • Performance Analysis

Key learnings

  • Judge achievement of SLOs
  • Automate Emergency Response

Module 5: Best practices

  • Effective SRE Best Practices
  • Reliability Architecture Patterns
  • Q&A Session of the Week & Exploring SRE across companies

Key learnings

  • Structure your architecture with reliable design choices
  • Anticipation of potential problem

Module 7: Continuous verification

  • Continuous Verification (CV) in CD Pipeline
  • Automation of CV with AI
  • How to implement CV & Rollback

Key learnings

  • Learn how implement CV in CD Pipelines
  • Automate Rollback on CV Exceptions

Module 6: CI/CD

  • Deep dive: DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) Philosophy
  • CI/CD Practices, Smart Automation: Gains in Efficiency and Reliability
  • How to Build CD Pipelines monitoring system

Key learnings

  • CI/CD and Automation DevOps mentality for Release Engineering (RE)

Module 8: Elastic provisioning

  • Distributed Scheduling and Reliability Perspective
  • Elastic Provisioning: Change Management and Capacity Planning
  • Provision & Manage any Infrastructure

Key learnings

  • Danger-aware data-driven Provisioning 
  • Best Practices for Reliability Assurance
  • Understanding downtime impact on Job Scheduling and automating Relaunching

Module 9: Service & Automation

  • Security Layers for Effective SRE
  • Automated release system with transparent reports for troubleshooting

Key learnings

  • Structure your architecture to be security-aware at every step
  • Streamline code reviews into development workflow

Module 10: On-call & SRE culture

  • Being On-Call: Managing Operational Load, Leveraging Automatic Alerts and Dashboards
  • Blameless Postmortem Culture
  • The New On-Call Checklist

Key learnings

  • Clear on-call scheduling, escalation paths, incident management procedures

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